WCW/NWO World Tour Nintendo 64 - used

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About this item

WCW VS. n.W.o. *WORLD TOUR* The THQ classic that started and spawned many great follow-ups! 1997-1998 fighting game of the year! "Matches this fierce are usually only on Pay-Per-View!" Game Pro. Over 40 wrestlers in all, including over 20 WCW and nWo superstars: Hollywood Hogan, Sting, The Giant, Ric Flair, Lex Luger, The Outsiders, The Steiner Brothers, Syxx, Dean Malenko, Eddy Guerro, Chris Benoit, Scott Norton, Steven Regal, Rey Mysterio, Ultimo Dragon, Buff Bagwell, and many more! Each wrestler performing 30 to 40 moves including his own signature moves. Five different play modes.

Cartridge only, no box or instructions included.